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Amy Brown
Checks several years of 990's and you will note extremely high compensation in all years.. Even when it was 'only' $500K plus $200K in benefits in other years it far and away exceeds what any other federation compensates its President.  

9/11/2008 05:40

Arnie Berger
Federation began with fund-raising and one staffer, then added planning, and in recent years has added DOING. This may explain their 160 percent staff growth since the 18th and Euclid building was opened.  
They can make grants for new initiatives and then hire more staff for that new project. That's not administrative cost, which seems to be in the normal range. To what extent such work should be outsourced and even turned over to agencies is IMO a important and perhaps unexamined question for our Jewish community.  
BTW, I've been told that the huge compensation their IRS990 report shows for their top executive was an abberation due to "settling up" for his long on-loan arrangement with another Jewish agency, and the related expenses.  

9/11/2008 05:04

Amy Brown
You can also see federations financials at
9/9/2008 20:13

Amy Brown
If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Cleveland Federation is one of, if not the MOST, supported Federations in the entire USA. Stephen Hoffman is by far the HIGHEST compensated of all executives associated with ANY Federation in the entire country. The IRS filings are public information available for all non profits including all Jewish federation agencies and can be found at  
Don't mess with a good thing.
9/9/2008 20:10

Carol Willen
What a terrible mistake it would be for the Jewish Community Federation to turn its back on the City of Cleveland! As citizens of a diverse community, we should play an active role in all facets of civic life. This means having a strong presence in the downtown area -- among other leading institutions -- and playing our part in helping to revitalize the city and improve the lives of our fellow citizens.
9/7/2008 20:32

Elaine Friedman
I live in Beachwood.  
Federation belongs in DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND.  
Federation should represent greater Cleveland  
and support the city.  

9/6/2008 08:25

Gilda Cohen
I definitely feel that the federation headquarters belongs in downtown Cleveland. Even though I live on the east side there are many Jew who live on the south and west sides as well. They should be able to have convenient access to the federation facilities as well. Leaving Cleveland with all of the new and promised construction and revitalization is wrong and sends the wrong message to the general community. Beachwood is becoming a ghetto with out walls. As far as convenience goes there are many many people who go to work downtown every day. People go to work where ever their jobs are located. For volunteers some accommodation could be made by having a satellite facility .
9/5/2008 22:34

Anita: Do you have an email address I can contact you at? I am definitely interested in getting involved, if it isn't too late.
8/31/2008 20:37

Anita Gray
If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact me @ 216 249 7333. Thank you.  

8/19/2008 07:44

Arnold Berger
Of course the agencies should be located near the people they serve. And they are. But Federation does not provide direct services. It is the face (and the interface) of the Jewish community to the larger community. It has never been located for the convenience of those who work there or who attend meetings there.  
If Federation's offices had been located on that principle, at its start in 1903 it would have been on Woodland and East 30th. In 1940 it would have been near East 105th and Euclid, and in 1965, near Cedar Center. But it has always been downtown, as you can see if you visit some pages I have just added at  

7/31/2008 08:31

Donald Manson
Federation leaders who claim that symbolism (Federation's presence in downtown Cleveland) is not important forget that Israel's capital is in Jerusalem, in part, for symbolic reasons, too. The practical decision would be to move the capital to Tel Aviv where the greatest population is and where the other embassies are.  
I'm afraid that the Federation will be seduced by the attraction of a suburban estate. They have set aside the funds for it. It's a forgone conclusion. They should be honest and stop the charade of community participation.  
I expect that a growing number of Jews, young and old, will seek to establish and support a New Cleveland Jewish Fund that meets the needs and ethics of the new and future generations.
6/11/2008 08:55

Debbi Perkul
After working, living, and playing in the Jewish square mile of Day School, synagogue, JCC, I broke out and went to work downtown. What an eye opener! There are some people who live in other parts of Cleveland and suburbs that have never met a Jew! There are also really smart, educated, interesting people who live in the City of Cleveland. Who knew? By moving the Federation building out of the city, we will have completely isolated ourselves from our larger community at a time when a greater focus is placed on strengthening our city's core and bringing our city new life. Why would we want to close ourselves as a community to that exciting growth? I can certainly understand why people whose lives are within that square mile are reluctant to leave it. I can understand that the trip downtown is oh so long. I lived that life for many years. But this new life with a larger community and a closer connection and opportunity to share our community with the rest of the city is just too important to pass up!!  
Please keep the Federation in the city!!  

5/27/2008 18:35

Stephen R. Kalette
The JCF is a non-profit organization. It does not need fancy new offices anywhere. If additional space is needed for an occasioal meeting, there are many agencies that benefit from the JCF that can open up their offices up for an occasional meeting. If the JCF needs more permanent space, down town Cleveland is loaded with low priced space. It is important for the City of Cleveland that the JCF stays down town. While it might be more convenient for staffers to work in an east side location, their convenience must not be the primary focus. Perhaps the existing building would be fine for all needs if the staff were reduced from 137. It seems like the JCF would have preferred to keep everyone in the dark until the project had been completed. Now that it is in the open, the JCF should not be permitted to move without community participation.
5/27/2008 12:01

Leslie Resnik
As a person who has worked in downtown Cleveland for the past 30 years, I have watched and participated in the ebb and flow (and I feel confident that another flow is in the pipeline) of our urban hub. It's an exciting place to be. I do not understand the reluctance of suburbanites to experience the city's vitality or to participate in its growth. The Wolstein's, Ratners, Starks of our Jewish community are critical components of Cleveland's never ending resurgence. We need to support them. We need to make our presence felt by remaining downtown. In Let us not seclude ourselves in the safety and convenience of our everyday same-old. Living generously means broadening horizons as well. In the long run, it will benefit us all.
5/27/2008 07:19

Don Kurlander
It is inconceivable to me why anybody would support the proposal of moving the JCF to the far suburbs, especially at this time of attempted rebirth of the inner city.  
Some years ago I was in Washington D.C. at the performance of a well known political comedian. I still remember one of his comments: "We are flying over Cleveland. Set your watches back 20 years."  
It is this type of thinking that does indeed show disregard for the pride and support one should have for their city. I strongly agree with David Godbergs' position in urging that the JCF building remains a part of downtown Cleveland.
5/14/2008 14:58

Lilia Kanter
I agree with the other comments. In addition, downtown Cleveland is a much better place to work than Beachwood. One can walk to lunch spots, restaurants and business and sports activities. Who wants to work in a place where you have to get in your car to drive to lunch? Beachwood is a great place to live, as long as you don't mind using a car to get almost everywhere, but its remoteness from the center of nonprofit and social action in Cleveland makes it far less useful for the work of the Federation than downtown -- not to mention the inconvience to the West Side Jewish community. The JCF can do a much better job helping the Jewish and non-Jewish communities in Cleveland -- and its own employees -- by staying downtown. It can build a satellite facility for activities if it is anticipated that the JCC or Siegal College or the synagogues in Beachwood or Landerhaven are insufficient. But for offices, downtown is hands down the better choice.
5/13/2008 20:13

Larry Mack
I could not agree more. We need to keep the JCF headquarters in downtown Cleveland. That is the central hub of the entire area and as a community agency we need to be there. Most of the other community agencies, Catholic, United Church of Christ, Clevaland, Gund, and United Way are all there.  
Moving to Beachwood would be a big mistake.  

5/12/2008 05:51

Deena Epstein
My husband and I have been longtime supporters of the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland--not the Jewish Community Federation of Beachwood or Solon or Shaker Heights. Moving the organization which represents the Jewish community out of the core city is a mistake for many reasons that have already been noted.  
However, I feel it also violates one of the basic precepts of Judaism, tikkun olam. It is our obligation to help heal the troubles of the world, not run away from them. Many members of the Jewish community have devoted considerable time and energy in both their personal and professional lives to revitalizing Cleveland because it is the right thing to do.What a wonderful statement it would be if JCF built a new headquarters in downtown Cleveland,affirming that we as Jews recognized our responsiblity to a much larger community.
5/10/2008 13:26

E.J. Rock
Leaving Cleveland would be a huge mistake. Northeast Ohio is only as strong and viable as it's center city -- Cleveland -- and the Jewish community must be among those working to make our downtown thrive. No one wants to move to community with a dead downtown -- especially young adults. Instead of hiding in the milky white of suburban life, the Jewish leadership must have the vision to join forces with the rest of area Clevelanders to rebuild Cleveland. The current Federation location is prime for adding to Jewish university life at Cleveland State and becoming a player in the Playhouse Square area. We complain about segregation. Why do it to ourselves. It's also a financial issue. The people living in the far-reaching suburbs like Beachwood and Pepper Pike have the money. Those Jews struggling to hold onto their middle-class status and living closer to the city are being cast aside when it comes to location of day care and other such services. Take the blinders off. Get your heads out of the sand. Stop being so selfish. Be part of Cleveland's solution.
5/9/2008 15:06

Sheilah and Ralph Orkin
We strongly believe JCF should remain headquartered in downtown Cleveland. The local Jewish people with their institutions and businesses have been a part of the exodous from the central city. It is time to make the statement that we are a part of the rebirth and revitalization of Cleveland by building a new JCF Headquarters in the heart of Cleveland.
4/28/2008 07:05

mortons. smith
I maintained by manufacturing business in mid-town Cleveland from 1931 to today despite difficult years because I believe the vitality of the center core of the city is critical to the well being of the entire NE OHio community. Abandonment of downtown Cleveland is the wrong message to send by the Jewish Community. We are a most significant part of the greater Clevland Community and should remain in downtown as a symbol of our total involvement in this effort to revitalize our city.
4/25/2008 17:17

Neff Fremont
I agree with your statement in the April 25th  
Cleve. Jewish News full page ad.  
I feel that we should not segregate our community. As a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, I object to any move that may resemble our voluntarily creating a Jewish ghetto.  
The Jews must participate in the revitalization of downtown Cleveland.  
As a lifetime supporter of the Jewish Federation , I may reconsider my support in case the facility is relocated to Beachwood.  
Neff Fremont  

4/25/2008 17:05